Knocknarea Handwoven Donegal Tweed Jacket


Knocknarea Handwoven Donegal Tweed Jacket

Product Details:

This is a classic Handwoven donegal Tweed jacket. It is available in the classic style of 2 buttons and 2 side vents. This cloth is a mixture of lambswool, mohair and cashmere and is a salt and pepper weave with a mixture of greens, navy, grey and a touch of saffron. This cloth is woven exclusively for Mullaney Brothers and matches particularly well with cord trousers in beige,  navy, grey or green.

The handwoven label on your Tweed jacket is your gaurantee of authenicity of Fabric Handwoven in the hills of Donegal

We will be happy to send a sample of the cloth for your inspection, please use the contact us form requesting sample cloth number 789

To fit you accurately we need only the following details .

•Height, weight, shirt collar size
•Jacket size normally worn(Irish, Continental or US )
•Full length measurement from base of collar
•Any preferences in fitting ( slim / regular/ portly )
•2 or 3 button, 1 or 2 vents in back.

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