Socks for Diabetics





Diabetic Socks


 Diabetic friendly socks are perfect for those with sensitive feet. HJ’s cotton variety is made with 94% cotton which makes them comfortable and cool to wear. They are designed to allow air to flow around the foot; this ventilation reduces moisture retention and enables the foot to breathe. The diabetic friendly socks offer the following features,

•Non-restrictive elastic knit throughout the sock minimising compression, including the top – alleviating tightness and unsightly marks and improving comfort for swollen ankles

•Smooth toe seam – one of the main requirements for diabetic socks is to eliminate friction and pressure in this area of the foot, which is prone to sores and ulcers. The smooth-toe seam helps to reduce the likelihood of blisters.

•Fully cushioned foot giving comfort and warmth and aid in the prevention of foot ulcers. The cushioning keeps the foot warm, improving blood circulation which is beneficial for the skin and the health of nerves in the feet

€7.95 each and 4 for €29.95

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