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Protect Yourself Against the Elements

natureRain and wind – two constant companions in the outdoors of Ireland. If you’re keen on getting out this summer, make sure that you’re protected against the elements

Protect your Face!

Over the summer, everyone knows to use some sun protection to prevent against sunburn and those nasty UV rays. But you still need protection from the sun on overcast days also. We recommend taking a small bottle of sun cream on hikes and bike rides, and apply as necessary. UV glasses will protect your eyes and remove glare from your vision on days with changeable weather.

It’s not just the sun your face needs protecting from though – wind  can cause significant damage as well – leading to dry, chapped or burned skin. For keen hikers and walkers using clothing over exposed areas of your face will help prevent damage.

If you’re going to be exploring in hotter climes, do make sure that you take plenty of water during the day, and have a hat to prevent against sunstroke.

Upper Body Protection

The elements can also damage skin on the upper body while walking and especially cycling. Again, we recommend appropriate sun cream at all times, and wearing a breathable material that allows moisture out, but not in, keeping you cool and dry.

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