Monthly Archives: February 2015

Boys Communion Suits

Now that the Girls first holy is winding down its time for the Boys to get their turn in the lime light!

boys communion suitsAll our Boys Communion suits, waist coats , shirts and ties are now all in and waiting for our new models . Two piece suits start at €99.95 and fits very nicely at a budget price, – it’s amazing how the track-suited, football jersey children are transformed into smart young boys with the new suit shirt & tie!

There are a number of different styles in suits at the moment. For those with a keener fashion eye the suit with the decorative trim on the lapels & pockets is a definite must have.

This year there is quite a strong colour palette in boys shirts , these really liven up the suits and look good on the boys also, and as they are now all wearing bright colours in their football boots it isn’t quite as hard to persuade them to try on the pinks , purples & teals that are in this year.